Miniature Worlds – 3D Modeler Elmir Isaković Reconstructs Historic Moments

Elmir Isaković is a 3D modeler who brings tiny objects, bits, and pieces to life, producing realistic scenes with great detail. His scenes look like they were made for the movie Downsizing, like really tiny people could live in them. With his precision and skills, he really makes you dive into these little art pieces, and analyze each bit. Some people dive in looking for a mistake, however, they end up finding admiration for...

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Help Save The Rainforest

New You Lift- The firming neck and décolletage cream. For every bottle that’s sold, you will save 1 acre of rain-forest for 1 year. This product is available in The New You Clinic


My Notes from China

My Notes from China

Imagine sitting on the beach and suddenly being surrounded by people wearing masks. Totally confused, you’re asking them what was going on and they are telling you that there was a new virus that originates from China, the so-called “Wuhan virus”. You are Googling it and allegedly it started because...

Streets Without Kids

A friend told me today, his heart is breaking for the kids of today, as they don’t know how to play. Phones have destroyed everything, he said. Children don’t go out anymore, they text each other even though they’re sitting side by side. Kids don’t speak anymore. All he sees...


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