Bloody Foreigners

I am a migrant woman and I am very proud to call myself a Bloody Foreigner. As a Bloody Foreigner, I donate blood and I save lives. Two years ago, I started an awareness-raising campaign called Bloody Foreigners to promote blood donation amongst migrants. We chose the throughout provoking campaign title deliberately to grab attention, to make a noise, and to start a conversation about hateful rhetoric directed at migrants. That campaign brought...

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lazy opinions outside multicultural magazine

Lazy Opinions

I’m not sure I need to be sure about a lot of things, a lot of times. There’s an irritation in that, and a danger. Not a lot of judgment has ever risen from not being too sure. If I combine that with a pinch of curiosity, and coat it...

Connecting Mindfulness and Multiculturalism

Connecting Mindfulness and Multiculturalism

The cool ocean breeze sweeps across your skin. Moist, salty air wraps around you, eliciting a sense of mental stillness that cradles you as you walk along the coastal pathway. Noticing the sensations around you is just one aspect of a cultivated technique sometimes otherwise known as mindfulness. The practice...


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