Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities Project Introduces Online Course

The Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY) project is pleased to introduce its new Online Course. This course is designed to provide youth educators with comprehensive training on fostering wellbeing and inclusion in diverse communities. Featuring a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the course aims to equip participants with the tools needed to create positive change.

Young people can take this course on their own too, learn at their pace, from any device.

Key Highlights

– This is a FREE course

– Comprehensive curriculum covering key aspects of wellbeing and inclusion

– Flexible online format accessible from anywhere

– Interactive modules and real-world case studies

– 5 Modules, 20 sub modules

– learning own pace, from any device

For more information, visit THE COURSE


Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY)
CONTACT LINK (DIRECT MESSAGE): https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088361912033
Website: https://wellhoody.eu

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