Outside Multicultural Magazine

– is an online magazine with a goal to provide an online space, where integration, multiculturalism and diversity are supported. Therefore, we feature texts, videos and content by authors with different ethnical backgrounds. We are covering all aspects and range of topics from everyday life. 

Expats and non-expats are writing here about family, raising children, environment, employment, emotions, style, and politics. We feature people with different backgrounds, together in the same space. We welcome people coming from outside. That is, people who dared to step outside of their home, their comfort zone, their country. Above all, we welcome anyone who thinks outside of the box and supports multiculturalism.

The Vision: The specific way we support integration, multiculturalism and diversity

Outside is showing what it is like for the misplaced, for those who became out of place. We show what is means to accept this identity and love it, to despise it, to come from the outside. For instance, we find out what the outsiders have to say about life, no matter what they define as their home and what their geographical location is at the moment.

The Mission: How will we do it

So we do not only write about multicultural topics. In addition, we provide true equality experience, where locals and non-locals write about similar issues and experiences. Our community finds it interesting to explore each other’s perspectives on everyday matter.

The Founders

Sanja Ivandic, Graduated Economist, Employment Advisor, residing in Sligo. Multicultural development, HR, marketing and management professional with 12 years of experience including project management in both non-profit and for-profit organisations, procurement and sales. Enjoys creating quality content for social media marketing projects. Author of over 100 web articles and PR content. Social media manager. Designed and put to life a magazine in 2012, called Vrtuljak, which aimed at promoting events for children and families in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sanja has a strong background in implementing multicultural projects. She managed projects helping vulnerable groups, helping people get employment and financial independence, providing individual and even family support services, first through my education in management, including sociology and psychology and then further by working in NGO’s. She implemented following projects:

  • Roma support project with multiculturalism elements – supporting Roma families develop sustainable communities; there were housing, employment support, prevention of exploitation of minors and schooling segments of this project (Association for Development LEDA, supported by Sida – Swedish International Development Cooperation);
  • Women empowerment program – she managed this project which supported women from rural areas to become self employed by educating them in agriculture and providing them with one greenhouse each and seeds for their first production (Association for Development LEDA);
  • Child Friendly Spaces project – after the flooding disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On behalf of World Vision International, Sanja coordinated this response project, to enable children and families with a safe space to spend quality time, when their houses and schools were flooded;
  • Intercultural Development Project Sligo – she managed this project important for local multiculturalism within The Sligo Family Resource Centre. She provided support services, information and mediation for people who are new to Sligo and Ireland, have different challenges as language barriers and integration issues standing in a way to their employment;
  • Employment Advisor – since April 2019 Sanja is providing Employment Advisory services to diverse caseload of clients, managing a caseload of clients, jobseekers, providing CVs daily
  • Sanja is a Representative of the Public Participation Network in Sligo Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs), Planning, Community and Economic Development, Arts and Culture, Social Inclusion Sector;
  • In 2020 Sanja Co-Founded the Outside Multicultural Magazine.
Vedran Ivandic is a videographer, drummer, photographer and Outside Magazine Co-Founder, living in Sligo, Ireland. Vedran has designed the Online Multicultural Magazine web site and provided many technical solutions for it. 
His interest in multiculturalism derives from his own experience of relocating to Ireland, learning a new language, raising a bilingual child and integrating into a new community, while cherishing his own background. 
Vedran works with musicians on an international level, bringing them together around multiculturalism in preparing music sessions that promote diversity. His videos also depict Irish landscape, while many of them shed light on important social issues and crisis.

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We welcome people with their personal stories, struggles, and experiences to share with us.