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John, You Must Love

Stop observing everything dark and miserable

And don’t try to change the world

Live life as it is

Our time here is just a blink of star light

Stop writing about a desperate man

About certain Maria, yet to be born in this world

John, you must love!

Hold my hand and take me away, away

You are strange, they can’t grasp you

Rough and brash in eyes of many

Untouchable like the sky itself

I am not your Maria to be born

The past has already touched me

I am not your heavy philosophy

John, I am not your Maria,

But still..

John, you must love

About the Author

Gordana Colic

Gordana Čolić lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She writes poems and prose including short stories. Her writing relies on her inner life as much as her love for the family and the people that surround her.

Throughout 40 years, along with her career in public service and raising her family, Gordana has written a collection of over 200 short stories and poems.


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Sara Leahy

Sligo photographer specializing in family and wedding portraits




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