A town in Europe with a surprising diversity of traits

Jajce is a town with a soul, that can teach us many historical stories about multiculturalism and tolerance. This town brings another dimension to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you ever decide to visit this country, you should not skip visiting Jajce. Located in central Bosnia, this town will tell you a lot about people living here, and its abundant nature will bring you peace.

The Pliva Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Europe and UNESCO protected. Not only is it the unique waterfall in the world located right in the city centre, but is also the only one that double-functions as a river-mouth.

A medieval fortress, old churches and mosques will help you understand how many different historical periods have left its mark on this city. Nowadays, people with varying religious and cultural backgrounds live here together, respecting and taking care of each other’s heritage.

The story you have seen in the video can give you an idea about the town’s historical importance. Even its name has an interesting background story. In Bosnian, “Jajce” means “a little egg”, implying that it is sensitive and ready to be loved. The name is also related to the town’s geography. Looked from above, it looks like a little egg situated between the surrounding hills.

We hope this brief overview motivated you to visit Jajce and personally experience its beauty and multiculturalism.

As the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina like to say: “All roads lead to Jajce,” a place where you can experience the sense of togetherness, belonging to nature, and feeling truly alive.


Sara Leahy

Sligo photographer specializing in family and wedding portraits




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