45 is Perfect Age for Discovering Adventure

I found that when I reached the ripe old age of 45 I started to worry that I was running out of time. I’d look at tourist brochures, and quite a lot of the images feature young, fit people doing cool activities and adventures. When I looked at articles aimed at my age group and older, it seems to be pointing me in the direction of knitting, playing cards, etc. So I decided to become the middle-aged adventurer and get out there and take part in as many activities as I could. Discovering Adventure after 45 is very much possible and beautiful.

I Totally Changed My Life Story And So Can You

Little did I know at the time the immense journey it would bring me on. I love exploring and I’m passionate about the wonderful gem called Sligo (Ireland) that I’m so lucky to call home. Not only did I get to see more of Sligo, but I also got to see parts of Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Donegal that I’d never been to before.

I decided to make a change and make life an adventure after 45

It’s safe to say when I first mentioned this idea to my family they thought I was going through a midlife crisis, especially when coasteering was mentioned! Actually, I thought I was going through a midlife crisis for a while too, especially as I was scared of heights and the sea, and wetsuits! (you’ll notice the ‘was’ bit there!) To those who don’t know, coasteering is basically jumping off rocks into the sea, but with the encouragement of the group. I went with, I faced my fears and threw myself into the Wild Atlantic Way and loved it! In fact I’ve loved being in the sea so much I wanted my own wetsuit.

The whole project helped me to start the bucket list I never knew I had.

My bucket list for Adventure after 45

  • I’ve been on a jet ski in Enniscrone
  • I’ve done stand up paddling on lakes and the ocean
  • I’ve explored our beautiful Irish landscape on horseback.
  • I’ve gone underground in a cave in Roscommon, which is said to be where Halloween originated from.

I’m not going to say I’ve completed my adventures, because I’m hoping this is only the beginning. There is a lot more out there I want to explore.

Lessons learned since my adventure began after 45

Sometimes the biggest barrier we have is ourselves.

  • I tested myself again and again and this resulted in learning so much about myself
  • I discovered I was much more adventurous and braver than I could ever thought I was
  • Sometimes the biggest barrier we have is ourselves.
  • We can change our life by changing the stories about ourselves

There is a lot more out there I want to explore!

When I’m old I don’t want to say ‘I wish I’d done that’, I want to say ‘I did that’. Adventures aren’t just for the young”!

About the Author

Val Robus, is a photographer, social media manager, a writer, and an expat. She made a decision to move away from her home 28 years ago. So, she made a new home, a new story.

Her blog Magnum Lady proudly gave voice to one of west Ireland’s most beautiful towns – Sligo. Her web site Sligo Hub became a go to online place for all thing related to Sligo. She also started a Havin’aLaugh Coffee Morning, which is a way to support the mental health in the local community.

Val’s words on multiculturalism: “Multiculturalism is the essence of our society. We have so much to learn from each other and so much we can teach others”. 


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