Celebrate Women

It’s not like this one day gives us right to make it the only day to celebrate women. Nevertheless, it does act as a great reminder to look back at all the moments and reasons to be grateful, for having incredible women around us.

As a man, I feel it’s my responsibility to admit, yes, we need to dedicate days, time, projects, words and intentions to celebrating women. We simply can’t do enough to make up for all that the world had imposed, all the burden and judgment, all the hardship to women around the world. Better times have come, equality still arriving, it’s a process. That’s why I believe it’s good that we have a day dedicated to celebrating women. Not so we can do that only on that day, but so we can have a reset day, pause button that restarts us. A moment in the year when we ask ourselves, have we slipped in our efforts to honor and respect women. Have we made any efforts? A day when we check ourselves, check the society and make sure we continue with kindness, love and same amount of compassion we are getting from the wonderful ladies in our lives.

This video is a CELEBRATION of all that, of all WOMEN around the globe, throughout the time and space.

As a man making a video that celebrates women, I used statements from women in my life while having conversations with them and doing some research to compile the right sentiment.

I hope it is shared with love and best intentions!

Vedran Ivandic is a videographer, drummer, photographer and Outside Magazine co-founder, living in the West of Ireland. His videos depict Irish landscape, while many of them shed light on important social issues and crisis, such as video he produced raising awareness on suicide rates that are rising.

Connect with Vedran via: Outside Magazine TV; Vedran Ivandic You Tube Channel; LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vedranivandic/


Sara Leahy

Sligo photographer specializing in family and wedding portraits




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